— this is a new premium and specialty coffee from the Buco Coffee team.

100% arabica beans

  • High mountain
  • High quality
  • Above the clouds ;)

Who is buco high for?

Since ancient times, coffee has been an integral part of many world cultures and traditions. In the modern world, coffee became a sponsor of cheerful and happy mornings, delicious lunches and energetic evenings.

In recent years, a separate category of consumers - coffee researchers - has formed in Ukraine. They are well versed in this product, just delicious coffee is not enough for them, it is important for them to get to know new tastes and impressions. They often prefer plant-based milk and are also familiar with the words filter, raff and latte.

Especially for young coffee researchers, we have developed a line of our product -- high-altitude Buco High.


Buco High

Mexico santa teresa

  • Flavor shades - green apple, pear, flower honey
  • The height of grain ripening is 1250-1450 meters
  • Score from SCA - 86
  • Weight 250g

Ground coffee and beans


Buco High

Salvador Cordillera del Balsamo

  • Flavor shades - nuts, chocolate, citrus
  • The height of grain ripening is 1300-1450 meters
  • Score from SCA - 84
  • Weight 250g

Ground coffee and beans


Coffee in drips or

drip coffee

— it is a portion of ground coffee in a paper bag that is easy to brew. Hermetic packaging allows you to preserve the taste and freshness of ground grains. And the paper filter package allows you to do this quickly, conveniently, anywhere.

  • Salvador Cordillera del Balsamo
  • Mexico santa teresa

7 drips in a package

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